We buy

What we buy and purchase process

For jewelry in gold or silver, that either a string broken, a mismatched earrings, a ring, a charm bracelet, a PIN, etc… cutlery or other objects in silver or gold we must do the tests required to separate the k or the 10 k – 14 k – 18 k – 22 k – 24 k gold or 500-. 800-. 925 for money then we weigh them and tell you the exact price.

For the coins we check the years to ensure that there are no collectibles. In the case that they are produced in many municipalities, the price will be made based on current stock market prices, the weight of the parts and their content in silver or gold. However if you have parts of so-called rare years of collection you the price depending on the year and the wear of the coin. You will always have the best possible value, if your room is more expensive for its gold content or cash you'll get this price, but if it is more expensive for the collection it is this you.

For bullion or coins in gold or pure silver, the price is always based on the rate in effect in the stock market.

If agree you with the assessment price you get paid immediately in cash.

You can if you wish make a first test to the magnet. Pass it over your valuables, jewelry and coins, if it sticks to the magnet is a ferrous metal. The gold, silver and Platinum do not stick to the magnet. Note that the fasteners of the chains and bracelets are always magnetic due to the small spring that there is inside the clip. Unfortunately we cannot buy any jewelry or any other object which is plated in gold or silver.